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Evon Davis head shot“Tradition teaches that soul lies midway between understanding and unconsciousness, and that its instrument is neither the mind nor the body, but imagination.  I understand therapy as nothing more than bringing imagination to areas that are devoid of it…. Care of the soul is not solving the puzzle of life; quite the opposite, it is an appreciation of the paradoxical mysteries that blend light and darkness into the grandeur of what human life and culture can be.”  ~ Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore

This statement captures my philosophy so well.  I began my career as a life transformation coach in 2005 with the publication of my first book The Power of Manifestation, and teaching workshops at Colorado Free University on the subjects of self-empowerment, manifestation, spiritual alignment, the law of attraction, and self-actualization.

FfrontcoverPOMmediumor the past decade, I have been facilitating workshops on these topics, coaching individuals using a variety of modalities, and published a second book titled, In the Magic Flow.

My teaching, counseling, and writing are based in the knowledge that power resides in the integration of shadow and light.  Self-empowerment, manifestation, and self-actualization do not come about by eliIn_the_Magic_Flow_largeminating the shadow.

Rather it is through integration that we empower ourselves and create the proper energetic alignment that leads to the manifestation of our goals, dreams, and desires, and moves us toward self-actualization.

As an author, workshop facilitator, professional astrologer, life transformation coach, and an Accredited Facilitator with the Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network (, I bring over a decade of skills and training to my coaching practice.  I offer clients help with a variety of important life events, and the manifestation of their life goals, such as career transition, relationship guidance, couples counseling, health and emotional well-being, spiritual alignment, personal self-empowerment, and self-actualization.

To attend my upcoming workshop in July 2016, SELF-EMPOWERING COMMUNICATION, please click on the link.

My training covers a wide range of inter-disciplinary transformational modalities, including:

The Artist’s Way
The Wish Game
Treasure Mapping
Creative Visualization
Insight Meditation
Chakra Clearing & Balancing
Shadow Integration
Toltec Shamanism
Spiritual Warriorship
Compassionate Communication

To schedule an appointment for consultation, please contact Evon Davis at 720-490-8339 or by email at Admin @ (no spaces)

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